Sun Charter at the Amalfi Coast in the golf Naples

The new Sun Charter base, headed by Gianluca Lauro is located in the town of Castellammare di Stabia, in the heart of the Gulf of Naples , 30 minutes from the airport and north of the peninsula of Sorrento. The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

It owes its fame to a spectacular coastline with ports and picturesque islands such as Capri, Ischia and Ponza. The following Sun Charter yachts are waiting for you: SO 54DS , SO 44i , 439 So , SO 39i are ready to sail along the beautiful Amalfi Coast .

Sun Charter Sailing Center in Sardinia

In the marina of Portisco in Sardinia, under the guidance of our base manager Francesco Della Torre, Sun Charter offers you two large 5 cabin yachts , a Jeanneau 57 (with generator ) and an elegant Sun Odyssey 509 . You also can choose between a Sun Odyssey 439, 4 cabin version or 3 cabins for owners feeling and a Sun Odyssey 44i (owner version) with teak deck and battened main sail. Available are as well the Sun Odyssey 409 , SO 45 and SO 49 . New in Portisco we provide you a new sportive sailing boat, the Dufour 335 with battened main sail.
The base Portisco is located north of Sardinia in the Costa Smeralda, the Emerald Coast with its many bays and islands area. Portisco is not far from Olbia airport and is easily reached either by plane or ferry. From Portisco your cruise can take you to the islands of the Madeleine, Corsica or along the coast.

Sun Charter Base in Turkey, (Marmaris & Göcek)

In Turkey we off you the Jeanneau 57 & 53 sailing yachts for an extraordinary sailing trip in your dream destination with maximum comfort. If you want to sail a smaller size, choose between the Sun Odyssey 49i, a Sun Odyssey 439 or a Sun Odyssey 44i or a 45er. Smaller crews sail with a Sun Odyssey 41DS (owner version), Sun Odyssey 409, a SO 42i or Sun Odyssey 36i. On top we do enlarged our Sun Charter fleet with a Dufour 410 and a Dufour 335.

Again the Sun Charter fleet will be the largest and most modern German charter fleet in the southwestern and southern Turkish coast. Our base in Marmaris & Göcek is under the organization of Patrick and Ilona Frere. Both are in the second generation handling Sun Charter sailing yachts and dedicated to ensure a consistently high level of service and boat quality.

Sun Charter Base in Palma / Mallorca

Sun Charter is the only bareboat company that has its own moorings in the Real Club Nautica, the Royal Yacht Club along the "Paseo" near the old town. The club management has designed new pontoons for our benefit. To the left of our office is a small store that offers a good assortment for the daily needs. On the right you find a bar with refreshments.
Our fleet in Palma was supplemented by a Sun Odyssey 509, a Sun Odyssey Sun Odyssey 439 and 409. Thanks to their excellent characteristics, these boats have a very good reputation. For small teams, we provide a Dufour 335. Our new base mangers, Beate Bindermann and Axel Michelsen took the supervision of the base in Palma, after many years in the Caribbean and two seasons of collaboration, in 2010 and 2011 in our database of Corfu.

Sun Charter Base Center in Corfu / Gouvia Marina

Our base in Gouvia Marina / Corfu is in the fourth consecutive year under the lead of our lovely Corinne Brunet. With many years of experience as skipper, Corinne and her team is a very experienced base manager. Our customers and sailboats cannot be in better hands.
To crueis in the Ionian Sea the Sun Charter fleet in Corfu offers you a Jeanneau 53, a Sun Odyssey 509, a Sun Odyssey 49i, a Sun Odyssey 439 and 409. The fleet is also complemented by a Dufour 335, ready to sail. The Ionian Sea is a beautiful area to navigate and looking for your special adventure.

Sun Charter Base Elba

In Elba you can choose from a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 35 up to a Sun Odyssey 49. This Sun Charter base is still under the guidance of Jörg Wagner.
The sailing area of the island of Elba offers a great variety for everybody’s taste and is easily reached by plane or car. Since 2009 flights to Elba and Pisa were significantly improved. The ferry and flights can be booked through our agency. Many crews went from Elba via Capraia to Corsica and returned delighted by the ports and bays.

Sun Charter Internal

Sun Charter is a joint stock company in which 90% of owners are involved. The capital base amounted to € 800,000. At the Annual General Meeting and together with the Advisory Board with the owners can participate in discussions relating the equipment of our sailing yachts and fleet policy or any other matter.

Sun Charter has an owner based company structure and a charter fleet, which is specially adapted to the specific needs of our owners and their desires. This structure, together with a high understanding of customer requirements, service and yacht quality is the perfect formula for an enjoyable sailing vacation.


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